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Woodforest Bank Hours- Today, Tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday

Woodforest Bank is a private bank, with more than 788 branches across 17 different states. Woodforest is the largest retail partner of Walmart, with partnerships with Sam’s Club and Kroger in some states. Located in The Woodlands, Texas, the bank headquarters is the subject of this article. To be certain of Woodforest Bank Hours, Today Hours, Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday Hours, it may be best to ask a representative at your nearest branch. Throughout this article, we detail everything you need to know about Woodforest Bank..

In order to visit Woodforest Bank during business hours, be aware of Woodforest Bank Hours of Operation. We have all the Woodforest Bank Opening and Closing Hours you need below.

Woodforest National Bank is a banking company headquartered in the United States, with branches in 17 states. The company offers checking, savings, money market, and certificate of deposit accounts. these include, but are not limited to, mortgage, home equity, and consumer loans; credit cards; in addition to a variety of investment services, Woodforest provides mobile banking, online banking, and bill payment services.

Woodforest Bank Hours

Most banks are open every day of the week, while some locations only have a bank open Monday through Friday. The following branches are open 24 hours a day and 364 days a year.

Days    Woodforest Opening HoursWoodforest Closing Hours
   Monday      10:00 AM6:00 PM 
   Tuesday      10:00 AM6:00 PM 
   Wednesday      10:00 AM6:00 PM 
   Thursday      10:00 AM7:00 PM 
   Friday      10:00 AM7:00 PM 
   Saturday      10:00 AM4:00 PM 
   Sunday      10:00 AM4:00 PM

Woodforest Bank Hours Saturday

Many Woodforest Banks open only a few hours on Saturday. These banks open at 10:00 AM and close by the evening at 4:00 PM.

  Saturday 10:00 am. to 04:00 pm.

Woodforest Bank Hours Sunday

Sunday hours at most locations are 10:00 AM – 04:00 PM with exceptions if there is a federal holiday. You can find the specifics at their site. This will greatly reduce your time.

  Sunday  12:00 am. to 04:00 pm.

Woodforest Bank Holiday Hours in 2022

The following is a list of all the holidays Woodforest Bank is closed on for the year 2022.

New Year’s DaySaturday, January 1*
Martin Luther King Jr. DayMonday, January 17
Presidents DayMonday, February 21
Memorial DayMonday, May 30
Independence DayMonday, July 4
Labor DayMonday, September 5
Columbus DayMonday, October 10
Veterans DayFriday, November 11
ThanksgivingThursday, November 24
ChristmasSunday, December 25*

Woodforest Bank Christmas Eve Hours

Woodforest Bank will be open for business on Christmas Eve, but the hours will vary depending on the location. Some branches will be open from 10 am to 2 pm, while others will have limited hours. Customers are encouraged to call their local branch and ask what the hours of operation are.

Woodforest Bank Before Thanksgiving Day Hours

There are reduced hours of operation for Woodforest Bank branches before Thanksgiving Day, depending on the location. Some are open for a few hours in the morning, while others are closed all day. For information about the specific hours of operation at their local branch, clients should contact them.

Woodforest Bank Easter Day Hours

For the day of Easter, Woodforest Bank is closed, but the staff opens on Sunday at a reduced level of customer service in order to allow them to spend time with their families.

Woodforest Bank Labour Day Hours

Woodforest bank celebrates labour day by being closed all day, but they open at some point after labour day has passed.
They allow their employees to take the day off so they can spend it with their family and friends. Woodforest bank values their employees and wants to give them an opportunity to celebrate this special day.

Woodforest Bank New Year’s Eve Hours

The bank will be closed on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. This means the drive-thru and teller services will be unavailable on those days.
Although their website and mobile app will be unavailable, customers will still be able to conduct banking business. The bank will reopen on January 2nd at its regular time.

Woodforest Bank Black Friday Hours

Depending on the location, some Woodforest Bank branches will be closed while others will be open. The bank’s policy on their opening hours is posted on their website.

Woodforest Bank Halloween Day Hours

Woodforest Bank observes federal holidays so the bank will be closed on October 31st. However, the hours of each Woodforest Bank location vary.
Because of a lack of demand, some branches of the library may be open fewer hours on Halloween. Make sure to contact your local branch to see what their hours are.

Woodforest Bank Hours Near Me

They operate almost 788 branches in the United States. If you want to find your near branches, you can use their official bank branch locator. If you use the official bank branch locator, you can find your nearby bank branches by selecting your address, city name, state name, or zip code, and clicking on the search option. You can locate the nearest Woodforest branches with additional information such as the bank’s operating hours, customer service numbers, and much more using the official bank branch locator. If you click on this link, you will be taken directly to their branch locator.

Google Map

To find your nearest Woodforest Bank branch, you can use their official app or the official Google Map site.

How To Bank With Woodforest Bank Outside Normal Business Hours

To be clear, there are two main ways of accessing this bank outside of regular business hours.

Online and Mobile Banking

Woodforest Bank provides both online and mobile banking for convenience and on-the-go service when their brick-and-mortar branches are closed.

24-Hour ATMs

To deposit or get cash 24/7, you can also use one of their many ATMs. Woodforest Bank has over 850 ATMs to choose from. This bank does not charge any transaction fees for its customers.

Customer services of this Bank

Woodforest Bank Customer Service is a process through which customers can resolve issues or obtain information regarding their accounts by contacting customer service representatives. The customer service team can be contacted via telephone, email, or live chat.

Woodforest Bank’s customer service number is 1 (877) 968-7962. They are available Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.
Click here for more information

Woodforest Bank Email


Woodforest Bank Mail

Woodforest National Bank
Attn: Customer Advocacy and Resolution
P.O. Box 7889, The Woodlands, TX,

About Woodforest Banks

Woodforest is a private bank in the US with headquarters in the Woodlands, Texas. In 2020, this bank had over 788 branches in 17 different states.

This bank has partnered with Walmart as the largest retailer of its financial products, and few branches operate 24 hours a day and 364 days.
It is partnered with Kroger and Sam’s Club in a few states.
In addition to new checking accounts, they offer a second chance at one.
Below, we’ve listed our State and banking offices

StatesBanking Offices
New York24
North Carolina89
South Carolina32
West Virginia10

Quick Facts about this Bank

Company NameWoodforest National Bank
Industry TypeBanking
Company Started1980
Company HeadquartersThe Woodlands, TexasUnited States
Main PeopleJames Dreibelbis (Chief Executive Officer)
ProductsFinancial Services
Total Number of employee4843
Official SiteVisit Here

Woodforest Bank Hours -FAQs

What time does Woodforest Bank open?

From Monday through Saturday, the woods are open from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, and on Sunday it is open from 12:00 to 4:00 pm.

What time does Woodforest Bank close?

We close at 6:00 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, and at 7:00 pm on Thursdays and Fridays. Sunday and Saturday closing time is 4:00 pm.

Is Woodforest Bank open today?

Woodforest National Bank is open today unless there is a major holiday. If there is no major holiday, the bank is open and customers are welcome to do their banking. In the case of a major holiday, the bank typically closes on that day, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving.

What time does Woodforest Bank open today?

On regular business days, Woodforest Bank will open at 10:00 a.m.

What time does Woodforest Bank close today?

Woodforest Bank’s branch usually closes at 7 pm on weekdays, but it will close at 4 pm on Saturday.

Is Woodforest Bank open near me?

Woodforest Bank’s location finder by zip code or state can be used to determine if there’s a Woodforest Bank open near you. The locator tool is an easy way to find a bank near you.

What time does Woodforest Bank open Saturday?

The Woodforest Bank will open at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday. This is the time when the bank will start serving customers and allowing them to conduct transactions. The bank will remain open until 4:00 p.m., giving customers plenty of time to handle their business.

What time does Woodforest Bank close on Saturday?

On Saturdays, the bank closes at 4 p.m. which is a standard closing time for most banks because people want the weekend to themselves. It’s like every other bank – Woodforest Bank will close its doors at 4 p.m. on Saturdays.

What time does Woodforest Bank open on Sunday?

Woodforest Bank will open at noon on Sundays. Employees have time to attend church and spend time with their families.
Customers at the bank should be able to access their money on the weekends because the bank is open on Saturdays.

What time does Woodforest Bank close on Sunday?

Woodforest Bank closes at 4:00pm on Sundays because the bank is closed on Sundays so that its employees may spend time with their families.
The other banks in the area are closed on Sundays as well, so if a customer needs to do a banking transaction on a Sunday, they’ll usually go to the few banks that are open.

Is Woodforest Bank open on Easter Sunday?

It may be different from other banks’ hours on Easter Sunday, since most banks are closed on that day. Woodforest Bank does not open on Easter Sunday, but it is open after Easter and has reduced hours.
There may be some businesses and grocery stores open on Easter Sunday, so people may still be able to conduct banking transactions.

Is Woodforest Bank open on Thanksgiving Day?

Woodforest Bank is closed on Thanksgiving Day but will be open the day after Thanksgiving so people can complete their banking.

Is Woodforest Bank open on Labour Day?

On the first Monday of September in most countries, Labor Day celebrates the achievements of working people. It falls on the first Monday in September in the United States.
Many businesses, such as banks, are closed on Labour Day and reopen the next day. Woodforest Bank is no exception. The bank will close on Labour Day and reopen on the second day.

Is Woodforest Bank open on Memorial Day?

The Woodforest Bank is closed on Memorial Day, but open after that. It’s a federal holiday, so banks are closed.

Is Woodforest Bank open on New Year’s Day?

On New Year’s Day, the Woodforest Bank is closed. However, on the second day of the year, they are open. This is because New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, and banks are typically closed on Sundays.

Final Words

This article aims at providing a comprehensive guide on Woodforest Bank Hours, Today Hours, Holidays Hours, and Opening, Closing and Holidays. Furthermore, we share additional information such as the Woodforest bank customer care number and frequently asked questions.

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