Taco Bell Hours

Taco Bell Hours- Opening, Closing, Saturday, Holiday 2022

Fast food breakfast can make your entire day more energetic whether you realize it or not. Before you drive all the way to Taco Bell, find out what Taco Bell’s breakfast hours are first. So if you haven’t yet, try out Taco Bell’s breakfast! You might be missing out on something big.
Among the topmost favorite fast food restaurants in America, Taco Bell offers a wide variety of mouth-watering delicacies to satisfy your appetite. Tacos, burritos, their specialties, best-in-bill items, as well as different kinds of rolls are plenty of tasty items to choose from and are worth every penny you spend.
It is important to know what the Taco Bell operating hours are before you visit so that you don’t get disappointed when you arrive. There are certain restaurants that are closed on a few federal holidays or operate under different operating hours on federal and public holidays, so make sure to check the operating hours of Taco Bell on weekdays, weekends, and on public and federal holidays.
In this article, I will describe in detail the taco bell breakfast hours, as well as the regular hours during weekdays, weekends, and federal holidays..
Let’s take a look at taco bell breakfast hours and taco bell hours on weekends, holidays, and regular days..

This article will be exploring the hours of a popular American fast-food chain. The first will be the Taco Bell Hours. This includes Today, Opening, Closing, Saturday, and Holiday Hours.  The chain began when Glen Bell established it on March 21, 1962. One of its major features is its Mexican food items, including Burritos, Tex-Mex, Tacos, and Cuisine. According to the latest news report, all Taco Bell franchisees serve more than two billion customers each year. What are the Taco Bell hours?

What Time Does Taco Bell Stop Serving Breakfast

When Does Taco Bell Stop Serving Breakfast? Around 11:00 AM. However, many of the restaurants might be serving their breakfast items up until 11:30.
Taco Bell opens their breakfast menu at 07:00 and closes at 11:00.
What time does breakfast end at taco bell?
If you are searching for the breakfast items on the menu, it is best to go to the Taco Bell restaurant before they close at 11:00 AM.

When Does Taco Bell Start Serving Breakfast?

06:00 am is when Taco Bell’s breakfast menu will be offered.
When it comes to Taco Bell hours, if you get up early in the morning, you’ll be happy to know you’re in luck.
The main problem, though, is that the Taco Bell breakfast hours conflict with the offices staying open late at night.

Taco Bell Breakfast Hours

Taco Bell’s breakfast hours are as follows.

DayStarting TimeClosing Time
Monday07:00 AM11:00 AM
Tuesday07:00 AM11:00 AM
Wednesday07:00 AM11:00 AM
Thursday07:00 AM11:00 AM
Friday07:00 AM11:00 AM
Saturday07:00 AM11:00 AM
Sunday07:00 AM11:00 AM

There are so many moments where we may not take it as seriously because of our active and hectic lifestyle. With every breakfast we give ourselves the strength to stay energized for the whole day and to work effectively to accomplish all of our daily tasks. Though most restaurants are closed on Sundays, Taco Bell is open all day on Sunday. We’ve assembled a list of Taco Bell hours that most restaurants follow. They change depending on where you go and if you need to be back on time. Here’s some more info. For more information on taco bell breakfast hours, read below. The majority of Taco Bell restaurants follow the guidelines of the above table. Timings may vary slightly depending on where the restaurant is located, the hours of operation of other stores and malls in that area, and other factors such as local demand and supply. For instance, some Taco Bell restaurants started serving breakfast at 6:30 AM.

Taco Bell Breakfast Menu
Grilled Sausage Breakfast BurritoGrilled Fiesta Potato Breakfast Burrito
Grilled Bacon Breakfast BurritoSausage Flatbread Quesadilla
Sausage Breakfast Soft TatoBacon Breakfast Soft Taco
Mini Skillet BowlCinnabon Delights 2 pack
Hash BrownMountain Dew Kickstart Orange Citrus

Taco Bell Lunch Hours

Taco Bell stops serving lunch at a certain time, a question that’s often asked by customers. Once the breakfast period ends at 11:00 a.m., you are good to go. The lunch break will take place at 11:01 a.m. local time in exactly one minute.
Below are Taco Bell’s normal lunch hours, unless otherwise noted.

DayStarting TimeClosing Time
Monday11:00 AM02:00 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM02:00 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM02:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM02:00 PM
Friday11:00 AM02:00 PM
Saturday11:00 AM02:00 PM
Sunday11:00 AM02:00 PM

Taco Bell Lobby Hours

Here are the Taco Bell Lobby Hours.

Monday06:00 AM – 03:30 AM
Tuesday06:00 AM – 03:30 AM
Wednesday06:00 AM – 03:30 AM
Thursday06:00 AM – 03:30 AM
Friday06:00 AM – 04:30 AM
Saturday06:00 AM – 04:30 AM
Sunday06:00 AM – 03:30 AM

Taco Bell Breakfast Menu Prices

Item NamePrice
Hash Brown$1.00
Cheesy Burrito (Steak)$2.49
Grilled Breakfast Burrito (Country, Bacon or Sausage)$1.29
Grande Scrambler (Bacon or Sausage)$2.49
Biscuit Taco (Egg & Cheese or Sausage & Cheese)$1.99
AM Crunchwrap (California)$2.79
AM Grilled Taco (Sausage)$1.00
Cinnabon Delights (2 pack)$1.00
Cheesy Burrito (Bacon or Sausage)$1.69
Grande Scrambler (Steak)$3.29
Biscuit Taco (Bacon, Egg & Cheese or Sausage, Egg & Cheese)$2.49
AM Crunchwrap (Steak)$2.99
AM Crunchwrap (Bacon, Sausage or Country)$2.49
AM Grilled Taco (Bacon)$1.00

Breakfast Combos from Taco Bell include a drink or medium coffee, two Cinnabon Delights or two Hash Browns.

Item NamePrice
Cheesy Burrito (Steak)$4.79
Grande Scrambler (Steak)$5.49
Biscuit Taco (Bacon, Egg & Cheese or Sausage, Egg & Cheese)$4.49
AM Crunchwrap (Steak)$4.99
AM Crunchwrap (Bacon, Sausage or Country)$4.49
Cheesy Burrito (Bacon or Sausage)$3.69
Grande Scrambler (Bacon or Sausage)$4.69
Biscuit Taco (Egg & Cheese or Sausage & Cheese)$3.99
AM Crunchwrap (California)$4.79

Taco Bell Taco & Meal Menu

Taco Bell is the largest fast-food restaurant in California, renowned for their tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and meals. They offer vegan and vegetarian tacos.

Veg Tacos

Soft TacoCrunchy Taco
Cheesy Double Decker TacoTwo Taco Meal
Cheesy Double Decker Taco MealWeekend Taco Party Pack

Non-Veg Tacos

Soft Taco- ChickenCrunchy Taco- Chicken
Cheesy Double Decker TacoMild Chicken Taco
Wild Chicken TacoTwo Taco Meal
Cheesy Double Decker TacoMild Chicken Taco Meal for 1
Mild Chicken Taco Meal for 2

You can order breakfast from Taco Bell from 7 in the morning to 11 in the morning if you are a morning person.
They offer lunch for sale from 11am to 2pm. Here is the Taco Bell menu.

Veg Meals Menu

Bell Rice Bown MealTwo Taco Meal
Cheesy Gordita Meal for 1Cheesy Gordita Meal for 2
Vegstar Meal for 1Cheesy Double Decker Taco Meal
Chalupa MealTikka Masala Burrito Meal
7 Layer Burrito MealBig Bell Box

Non-Veg Meals Menu

Bell Rice Bowl MealTwo Taco Meal
Cheesy Gordita Meal for 1Cheesy Gordita Meal for 2
Chicken Meal for 1Cheesy Double Decker Taco Meal
Chalupa MealTikka Masala Burrito Meal
7 layer Burrito MealBig Bell Box

Taco Bell Holiday Hours 2022

Below we share Taco Bell Holiday Hours for all federal holidays.

January 1New Year’s DayOpen
January 17Martin Luther King DayOpen
February 21President’s DayOpen
April 15Good FridayOpen
April 17Easter SundayReduce Hours
May 30Memorial DayOpen
July 4Independence DayOpen
September 5Labor DayOpen
October 10Columbus DayOpen
November 11Veteran’s DayOpen
November 23Day before ThankagivingOpen
November 24ThankagivingReduce Hours
November 25Black FridayOpen
December 24Christmas EveningOpen (reduce its operating time)
December 25Christmas DayClosed

Taco Bell Weekend Hours

Most Taco Bell restaurants are open on Saturdays and Sundays, but the hours vary from day to day. On Saturdays, the restaurants stay open late at night. On Sundays, they close a bit earlier than on the rest of the weekdays. Here is a list of Taco Bell operating hours. This chart will be followed by the majority of Taco Bell branches, but times will vary by location. Let’s discuss the opening hours of restaurants of Taco Bell on weekends. Below, we will mention the timings which are most often observed.

DaysOpening HoursClosing Hours
Saturday7:00 AM4:00 AM
Sunday7:00 AM1:00 AM

Most Taco Bell restaurants follow the same timings as those in the table above. The timings differ from place to place depending on factors such as the region, the region’s stores and malls, and other factors such as the local demand and supply of the consumers of that region.

Taco Bell Customer Support

Our goal is to provide every single piece of information that we could find regarding the operating hours of Taco Bell restaurants. You may still want to contact the restaurant if you have any questions or find the location to be inconvenient.

Official website of Taco Bell: http://www.tacobell.com

Contact us on the website of Taco Bell: https://www.tacobell.co.in/contact-us.

Taco Bell Hours Near Me

Taco Bell currently has 7072 stores, and the hours are often from 7:00 am to 11:00 am and 11:00 am to 2:00 pm for most locations.
Taco Bell has released a page with the exact times of serving breakfast and lunch. However, there are exceptions to this rule.
This website allows you to find any Taco Bell in the US or Canada, with addresses and hours, as well as a map.
Click here to see additional great breakfast spots near you.

About Taco Bell

In the year 1962, Glen Bell founded taco Bell, a restaurant chain with its headquarters in Irvine, California, USA. It opened its first restaurant branch in India in the year of 2012. Taco Bell had approximately 325 restaurants in 1970. As of 2015, Burman hospitality is the first Taco Bell franchisee in India with more than 7000 restaurants serving more than 2 million customers each year.
The Taco Bell restaurants have open kitchen designs, and their decor is contemporary, which takes inspiration from California. Guests can usually find a combination of seating areas in their restaurants along with soulful lighting and music that make them feel like they’re sitting at home while enjoying their favorite dish.

Services Offered By Taco Bell

Taco Bell has a variety of savory foods such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This establishment prides itself on serving delectable Mexican-inspired menus to their customers and upholds an excellent standard of food safety and product quality.
This restaurant’s menu consists of different tacos such as soft tacos, crunchy tacos, and cheese-filled double-decker tacos. Customers can also combine tacos with other items on the menu.
Their burritos contain different fillings such as a tikka masala burrito, a 7 layer burrito, and also provide meals like a burrito roll, a Mexy wrap, a cheesy roll, churros n chocolate, and a try it all platter.
Their menu offers items such as paneer and chicken gordita, cheesy gordita, and the option to combine it with a meal for customers.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Taco Bell Expensive?

The Taco Bell food items are not expensive. Their menu prices are quite affordable.

Will Taco Bell Ever Bring Back Potato?

Yes, it has added Nacho Fries to the menu.lights
Biscuit Taco

What is Taco Bell’s happier Hour?

They offer special deals between 2 pm and 5 pm between their happier hours of 2 pm and 5 pm.

Can you get lunch at Taco Bell in the Morning?

Taco Bell doesn’t serve lunch in the morning. They serve lunch starting at 11:00 AM and stopping at 2:00 PM.

What time does Taco Bell Stop Serving Breakfast?

Breakfast is served at Taco Bell restaurants starting at 7:00 AM and ending at 11:00 AM every day.

How many hours does Taco Bell serve Breakfast?

The earliest Taco Bell restaurant in most locations opens at 7:00 AM and closes at 11:00 AM.

Is Taco Bell offering Healthy Foods?

Yes, most Taco Bell restaurants provide nutritious and wholesome options for their customers. In addition, Taco Bell offers vegetarian and high protein selections for their customers.

Are Taco Bell Chalupas Good?

Chalupas are a Taco Bell specialty, popular with vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. A Chalupa is a Taco Bell order’s key item.

What are the best-selling items at Taco Bell?

Popular Taco Bell menu items include Chicken Power Bowl, Nacho Fries, Mexican Pizza, Bean Burrito, Mountain Dew Baja Blast, and Crunchwrap Supreme.

Is Taco Bell Open?

Taco Bell has most of its restaurants open.

Is Taco Bell healthy?

Customers love Taco Bell because it offers healthy fast food.

How many Taco Bell Locations are in 2022?

It operates 7791 locations all around the world.

Where is the world’s largest Taco Bell?

There is a Taco Bell in Guatemala City, Guatemala that is the largest in the world.

How many Taco Bell employees are there?

In Taco Bell, more than 40,000 employees make this franchise work.

Where is the most beautiful Taco Bell?

Pacifica, California, has the most beautiful Taco Bell restaurant.

Does Taco Bell have an employee discount?

Employees of Taco Bell get a discount. The discount is between 20 and 25%.


We aim to give our readers a lot of crucial and essential info about Taco Bell’s breakfast hours and hours on typical days. Below is an account of the opening and closing hours of Taco Bell on weekdays, weekends and public holidays, as well as their breakfast hours on every day of the week.
Operating hours may vary at different shops based on different locales and areas, as well as opening and closing hours of other shops in the area. This may be due to demand and supply in the area.
As such, we suggest that people should always check the restaurant’s hours of operation for Taco Bell in their region to ensure that they will have the opportunity to have their favorite dish without any regrets and will have a relaxing journey.

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