12 Best Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites

Have you ever had a strange, anonymous call that gave you creeps and sent chills down your spine?

Well, most of us probably have and we all know these are not the most pleasant types of phone calls to receive.

Thanks to technology this doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. With reverse phone number lookup software, you can easily find out who the person behind that anonymous call is.

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Check out 12 of the best sites to help solve this problem.

  1. Spokeo
  2. PeopleFinders
  3. ZabaSearch
  4. AnyWho
  5. Whitepages
  6. Truecaller
  7. Spy Dialer
  8. PeekYou
  9. NumLookup
  10. CallerSmart
  11. Cocofinder
  12. SearchQuarry


Spokeo is a popular people search website that gets its data from different sources both online and offline. It offers a wide range of information on individuals, including contact details, social media profiles, public records, and more, providing searchers with a comprehensive view.

The platform offers an easy-to-use interface, providing users with a simple way to perform searches and access information without needing advanced technical skills. The Search Customization feature helps find more accurate results by allowing users to add specific details such as locations, names, or other identifiers to narrow down results.

What you get with Spokeo

Reports are detailed and include information like;

  • Phone numbers
  • Addresses
  • Family members
  • Education
  • Employment history
  • Online presence.

Other Spokeo Features and Services

  • People search
  • Email lookup
  • Address Lookup


Spokeo aims to provide accurate information but it is important to note that the accuracy can vary based on different factors such as its data sources and updates. Always make sure to verify whatever information you get from the site.


Chances are, you have already heard about PeopleFinders before. The site is well known for offering reverse phone lookup services as well as information about addresses and people.

The simple and straightforward interface is pretty commendable. You don’t have to create an account or pay for the service as a new user. Just visit peoplefinder.com, enter the number, and “search”.

Once you get your results, you can further perform your search with their other service using names or addresses. This will give you more accurate and comprehensive details, including social media, photos, and more.

What you get with PeopleFinders

  • Names
  • Email addresses
  • Physical addresses
  • Online presence

Other PeopleFinders Features and Services

Other services you can use on the platform to further perform your search are;

  • Name lookup
  • Email lookup
  • Address Lookup


While results are often accurate and convenient, some information may be outdated or inaccurate depending on PeopleFinders data sources. Make sure to always take your time cross-referencing the details for better results.

Also, like all the other similar platforms, one of the major disadvantages of using Peoplefinders is that you can never be sure that your own details are not there. If you don’t like your information on these sites then privacy may be a concern to you.


One of the best things about Zabasearch is that it is completely free, and you don’t even have to create an account to use it. This makes it the perfect option for those who are skeptical about sharing their details on different platforms for different services.

All you have to do is visit the site at Zabasearch.com, click on “Reverse phone search”, enter the number you want to look up, and hit “Search”

What you get with Zabasearch

What you get with Zabasearch reverse phone lookup includes;

  • Other phone numbers associated
  • Physical addresses
  • Email addresses
  • Names of individuals, which can provide the basics for your search.

One downside of Zabasearch is that while it provides basic contact details, it may be limited and fail to provide in-depth and comprehensive details.

Other Zabasearch Features and Services

  • Reverse phone number search
  • People search


Since the tool depends on the publicly available information to give you the most accurate results possible, we advise that you be cautious and cross-reference the results you get from the site.


Another free and comprehensive reverse phone number lookup site is AnyWho. This AT&T -owned service allows you to find people and businesses, and perform reverse phone lookups, based on their names, addresses, and phone numbers.

The site comes with a free and premium version. If you are looking for basic information or a place to start your search, the free version is pretty reliable and convenient.

What you get with AnyWho

You can expect to get;

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Related phone numbers

The premium version offers more comprehensive and detailed results.

There is also a Map Integration feature which comes in handy in case you want to view addresses and get directions easily.

Other AnyWho Features and Services

  • Reverse phone number lookup
  • Name lookup
  • Email lookup
  • People search


The free version of the service is limited and may not provide enough details for your search. However, if you just want some basic information, then it works well and provides reliable information to get you started with your search.


Whitepages is known for its comprehensive database, providing accurate and reliable information about phone numbers, addresses, and people. Founded in 1997, you can find established contact information for over 250 million people worldwide.

The website has a simple, intuitive, user-friendly interface, allowing even the less tech-savvy users to navigate with ease. The process of conducting your search is pretty straightforward too. All you need to do is go to the website at whitepages.com, enter the phone number you want to look up, and click on the “search button”.

Alternatively, you can choose to download and use their app instead of the website. Both platforms are easy to use and convenient. It just comes down to your preference.

What you get with Whitepages

The results you get depend on your input. Alongside basic contact information such as the name and the number registered to, Whitepages can provide additional information such as;

  • Other names and numbers associated
  • Physical addresses
  • Email addresses

Other Whitepages Features and Services

Besides being a reverse phone number lookup site, it is also a reverse address lookup and people’s search. This means you can look up information about a specific address or name.

This can help you find cell phone numbers, addresses, ages, background checks, criminal records, professional records, licensing, career information, relatives, landline numbers, and more.


Whitepages’ accuracy largely depends on the quality of its data sources, which can vary. Generally, it provides accurate and reliable information. However, it might occasionally provide inaccurate or outdated details. It’s therefore important to cross-reference information from multiple sources whenever possible for greater certainty.

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Trucaller is quite a popular app and website that has been around since 2009, offering reverse phone lookup, spam call detection, and caller ID services. It offers even more features including call-blocking, flash messaging, call-recording, chat, and voice.

To register for the service, you need to provide your standard cellular phone number. The process is fast and easy, just download the app on your Android or iOS device, enter your phone number, and create a password to log in and access the services.

Trucaller’s large community contributes to its extensive database of phone numbers, which increases its likelihood of providing accurate results. Besides looking up information linked to a phone number, the software can detect and automatically block spam calls in real time, saving you from having to deal with annoying anonymous calls.


The caller ID feature, which is Truecaller’s core functionality is quite convenient. This allows you to immediately identify incoming calls, even if no information about them is saved on your device, enabling you to decide whether or not to pick up the call. Other features include;

  • Spam call detection
  • Call-blocking
  • Call recording
  • Flash messaging


When it comes to accuracy, Trucaller is trustworthy, reliable, and convenient. Its accuracy depends on its user-generated content and data sources, which enables it to provide accurate and reliable information.

However, keep in mind that like any other similar tool, the information provided could be outdated, and therefore incorrect.

Note that privacy may be a concern if you find Trucaller’s model of collecting and sharing data uncomfortable. Otherwise, the site still stands as one of the most accurate and convenient reverse phone number lookup sites.

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Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer offers a fast and simple way to perform reverse phone lookups, allowing users to gather basic information about a caller using just their phone number. It provides basic information about the owner of the phone number, including names and addresses.

The tool provides free access, and users don’t need to create an account to get started. Similar to Zabasearch, just visit the site at spydialer.com, click on “Phone”, enter the number, and click “Search”

What you get with Spy Dialer

  • Names associated
  • Phone numbers linked
  • Physical addresses
  • Email addresses

Other Spy Dialer Features and Services

Other search features the service offers for free include;

  • People’s search
  • Address
  • Email.

This means besides searching for a phone number, you can also find more information about a physical address, a name, or an email address.


The accuracy of Spy Dialer results can be inconsistent. The tool relies on publicly available information and user-contributed content, which may sometimes be inaccurate or outdated. Make sure to always cross-reference the information.

Visit SpyDialer


PeekYou, as the name hints is a great service to find more information about a phone number. It can provide details about people’s online presence, social media profiles, and contact details just based on their phone numbers.

The platform stands out by offering deep web scanning, which means it searches beyond just public records and social media platforms, potentially providing a more comprehensive view of individuals.

Getting started is fast and easy, and you don’t necessarily need to create an account if you don’t want to. It has a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy even for beginners to navigate and access all their features. There is also a Search Customization feature that allows users to refine searches by specifying locations, usernames, or other relevant details, enabling more accurate results.

What you get with PeekYou

  • Social media handles
  • Names
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Physical addresses

Other PeekYou Features and Services

Other PeekYou features include;

  • People Search, which allows users to look up individuals using their names, locations, or other identifying details
  • Deep Web Scanning, which enables it to search beyond public information to uncover online footprints, helping users gather more in-depth information about individuals
  • Username search.


PeekYou’s accuracy depends on its deep web scanning capabilities and the quality of its data sources. While it aims to provide detailed and comprehensive profiles, we highly recommend users to still approach the information with a degree of caution and verify details through other trusted sources.

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Numlookup is another popular site for its ease of use and providing comprehensive data. The straightforward, simple interface, makes it easy for users to quickly perform reverse phone lookups without any technical hassle.

New users can leverage the free access, which doesn’t even require account creation, so you don’t have to worry about sharing your personal details.

To get started, simply go to numlookup.com, click “reverse phone lookup”, enter the phone number, and hit “lookup”. You even have the option to call the number instead.

What you get with Numlookup

  • Owners’ full names
  • Addresses
  • Social media profiles
  • Other associated phone numbers

Other Numlookup Features and Services

Other features that may come in handy to further your search for more accurate results include;

  • People search
  • Reverse image search.


The accuracy of results depends on Numlookup data sources. While they do their best to provide users with the most accurate and relevant information, it is best to always verify the details from other trusted sources.

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CallerSmart offers multiple features and benefits that allow its users to contribute and access information about unknown phone numbers, enabling them to benefit from real-time input and experiences. It also has spam and scan detection features that can help users avoid potentially fraudulent or annoying calls.

New users will find the interface friendly, which simplifies the process of performing reverse phone number lookups and reporting suspicious numbers. Like Trucaller, it also has blocking features that allow users to block unwanted callers directly from the app, offering a cleaner and less disruptive calling experience.

What you get with CallerSmart

  • Names
  • Email addresses
  • Physical addresses
  • Phone numbers

Other Features and Services

Besides phone lookup, you can also use their other features to harness your search. To get even more details or do some verification, you can use the information you get from phone lookup to further perform;

  • Name lookup
  • Email lookup
  • Spam detection


Accuracy variances may be a concern in some cases. Users may find some data outdated or irrelevant. Otherwise, CallerSmart makes a reliable and convenient reverse phone number lookup site.

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Cocofinder is also a well-known service that you can use in various ways to find more information about individuals. The platform is 100% free and doesn’t require users to create accounts to access their services.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy even for beginners to perform their searches without much technical knowledge. All you need to do is visit their website at cocofinder.com, enter the phone number you want to look up, and hit the “search” button.

What you get with CocoFinder

Reports are generally detailed and provide a wide range of information including;

  • Contact details
  • Social media profiles
  • Public Records
  • Criminal records, and more.

There is also a search optimization feature that allows you to add more information to your search to get even better and more detailed results.

Other CocoFinder Features and Services

Other search features you can leverage on CocoFinder include;

  • People Search
  • Whitepages
  • Address Lookup
  • Background Check


The accuracy of information varies. Some information may be irrelevant and/ or outdated so it is important to always cross-reference your results.

Another downside is that if you are looking for anything more than basic information like names, phone numbers, and addresses, you may find the free version limited.

Visit CocoFinder


SearchQuarry offers users the ability to perform reverse phone number lookups and access a wide range of information about individuals, including contact details, address history, criminal records, and more, all for free.

It provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of performing reverse phone lookups, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise. The search optimization feature also makes this even easier, as users can provide additional information to get more comprehensive results.

What you get with SearchQuarry

SearchQuarry gives you access to a wide range of information including;

  • Address history
  • Criminal records
  • Names and email addresses

Other SearchQuarry Features and Services

Besides reverse phone number lookup, the services you will find for free on the site include;

  • Name lookup
  • License plate
  • VIN


The free version gives you basic information like names and email addresses, which are pretty accurate, and reliable, and provides a good place to start your search. If this is not sufficient, you can always opt for their paid subscription for more details.

Visit SearchQuarry


With these sites at hand, you are sure of your safety as they help you stay aware of the people calling you. You can also use them to find old friends and relatives, all at no cost.

Keep in mind that while these sites offer free services, their accuracy, and depth of information might vary. Always exercise caution and verify information from multiple sites when using them.

Additionally, consider the privacy and data security implications of using such sites, especially if they request personal information in exchange for results.

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