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7 Best Camera Under 1500 in 2022

The best camera under 1500 is perhaps the most subjective subject in photography. What one person considers a great camera is another’s defines it as a waste of money. This is because the quality of a camera depends on how you use it and your budget. If you want the perfect camera under $1500, you will have to invest a great deal of time researching what features are important to you.

This was a surprisingly difficult and interesting camera to review. The Yashica Matrice is the most popular camera under 1500. It has a lot of features that make it a must-have. However, it is also a very expensive camera. Even though this camera is new to the market, it is an excellent choice for those looking for a camera with great features and decent price.

Digital cameras are awesome; they are a very good way to create professional quality photos and videos. But just because a camera is good doesn’t mean that it will work well for your particular project. Often times we focus on the most expensive cameras, but in reality this is not always accurate.

Camera photos are shot almost every day and are used for business, for personal, for entertainment purposes and for even more purposes. There are many types of camera’s available and each one has different features and capabilities. But how do we decide which camera to go with? How do we decide what the greatest camera under 1500 is?

Our Recommendation For Camera Under 1500

With two kids and a husband, I’m always on the lookout for ways to keep my photography up to date and take better shots of what I shoot in the long run. I asked a few fellow photographers if they had any advice on how to get the best pictures with a camera under 1500 bucks.

The budget Camera Under 1500$ is a simple and easy camera for the smallest budgets. In this article, I will be showing you my top picks for the professional camera under 1500 including some of the most popular ones. There are many cameras on the market today, so which type is right for you? Let’s take a look at some of the key features to decide which camera is the best for you.

Quick Shopping Tips:

With a DSLR camera, you can create high-quality photographs and videos that people will actually want to see. In this article, we’ll talk about the famous camera under 1500 and what DSLR is. You’ll learn what it is and how you can take your photos and videos better than people who have expensive cameras.

Top Brands:

Canon   Nikon   Sony   Olympus    Pentax


When it comes to lenses, you may search the best Canon lenses offer a wider range than Nikon, or that independent brands such as Tamron or Sigma offer a better and affordable budget-friendly alternative.

Image sensor size:

Image sensor size plays an important step in the quality of your pics. In general, the larger the sensor, the better the quality of your photo.

Image Quality:

Whether a photographer is looking for a new camera or a new lens, image
quality is usually the most important requirement. It’s also one of the most
subjective. The quality of a camera’s photo depends on its sensor size, lens
quality, and optics.


DSLR’s are excellent cameras that have faster image transfer process and

speedier processor, making them excellent for photography.There are many

brands of DSLR’s, but there are only three big brands that have been around

for a long time – Canon, Nikon, and Sony.

Canon EOS 90

Processor:DIGIC 8
Max image size:6960 x 4640
Sensor:32.5 MP
Burst shooting:11 fps
Dimensions:141 x 77 x 105 mm
Canon EOS 90D
Canon EOS 90D

The Canon EOS 90D is an entry level DSLR camera. It has a number of features that other entry level DSLR cameras do not have. It has a high-resolution APS-C sized 24 megapixel CMOS sensor. It also has an autofocus system that works incredibly well, even in low light.

It is also equipped with the amazing 5-axis optical image stabilization system that works with very little shutter release lag. The camera also has built-in Wi-Fi so you can instantly upload your photos online (although this feature is not yet available in every country).

This is a review of the Canon EOS 90D. This is Canon’s newest entry in the EOS line of cameras. The EOS 90D is essentially an upgrade over the EOS 7D. While this is an entry-level DSLR, it’s quite a bit more capable than previous models. The EOS 90D has a 23.5-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, along with an 18-megapixel APS-C CCD. To help with this, the lens is a 8.9-megapixel APS-

This is an entry-level DSLR camera from Canon. Taking photos with the Canon EOS 90D is a relatively easy task for beginners. This DSLR camera is very attractively marketed and easy to use.

Nikon D7500

Effective Pixels:20.9 million
Sensor Size:23.5 mm. x 15.6 mm
Image Sensor Format:DX
ISO Sensitivity:ISO 100 – 51,200
Monitor Size:3.2 in. diagonal
nikon d7500
nikon d7500

If you’re on the fence about buying a DSLR camera such as the Nikon D7500, you should consider this site as your resource. We will be going through the best DSLR cameras under 1500 and some of the best lenses for it. We will look at whether this camera is the best for beginners, for advanced photographers, and for pros.

It is a great camera for beginners who want to start shooting photos with a DSLR. The D7500 is an FX-format camera and provides professional-grade performance for entry-level photographers, professional photographers and small-business owners looking for an affordable, versatile DSLR camera.

The Nikon D7500 is a great little DSLR camera for beginners and pros alike. I don’t believe that it’s perfect by any means, but it is quite good.

My biggest complaint with the D7500 is its chronic shutter lag, which makes this one of the best cameras on the market. It’s very good for both beginners and pros alike, just make sure you take your time and learn to use this camera.

Pentax KP

Image Sensor:23.5 x 15.6 (mm)
Effective Pixels:Approx. 24.32 megapixels
Sensitivity:ISO AUTO / 100 to 819200
Dust Removal:Image sensor cleaning using ultrasonic vibrations “DR II”
Compatible Lens:KAF4, KAF3, KAF2 (power zoom not compatible), KAF, KA mount lens
pentax kp
pentax kp

Pentax is a legendary brand that was founded in 1927 in Germany. Their flagship product is the Pentax K series of cameras that have become a staple in the present day photography scene. Many people are familiar with the brand as they’ve been widely used in many popular action cameras, DSLR cameras, and other accessories.

KP version is a fine-quality, mid-range brand that has been in business for over 60 years. Pentax cameras have been used heavily for many years, and the KP features a series of great lenses. Although it’s nothing special, it’s a great camera that can be had for under 1500 dollars.

So, it is a well-known Japanese camera company. They are known for their APS-C sizes of cameras, like the 55-300 zoom, or their classic medium format cameras, like the K200D.

You can use it to easily shoot stills and video or you can use it to shoot video with the aid of a DSLR rig. It has a 24 MP APS-C CMOS sensor and a built-in GPS, so you can use it to capture images of your location.

Nikon D750 FX

Effective Megapixels:24.3
Sensor Format:35mm
Sensor size:861.6mm2 (35.90mm x 24.00mm)
Approximate Pixel Pitch:5.97 microns
nikon d750
nikon d750

Nikon D750 is a professional DSLR camera which was released in Jan 2015. It is available for less than 1500$. In this review we are going to compare the Nikon D750 with its competitors including the Canon EOS Rebel T6i and the Sony Alpha A6300. We used the wide angle lens, 18-200 mm f/3.5-5.6 DC lens in this comparison. Let’s get started

It is the most affordable interchangeable lens camera that Nikon currently makes. This camera is perfect for anyone who wants to shoot with a wide range of lenses, or for those who want a very small size DSLR with a large number of options. However, the D750 also has its own flaws.

After a trip to Singapore, I acquired the Nikon D750 for photography. While it’s a fantastic Nikon camera for most users, each user has his or her opinions and how one should behave when using it. If you want to shoot great photos, you have to take it easy on yourself. There are numerous decisions that will be critical to your success with the camera.

I have been a Nikon shooter for many years now and have never once considered buying a Nikon DSLR. Until now … I was in the market for a mirrorless camera and took a close look at the Nikon D750.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Sensor Size:22.4 x 15.0mm
Pixel Dimensions:5472 x 3648
Pixel Size:4.09μm
Image Processor:Dual DIGIC 6
canon eos 7d mark ii
canon eos 7d mark ii

When it comes to photography, the Canon EOS 7D Mark II is a pretty good camera. I love its high-quality, high-resolution images, and the combination of its advanced video features, along with its impressive ISO range, make for an overall great camera. 

Canon has a long history and a history of success. It has introduced countless cameras and printers over the years, and its recent successes are no exception. Canon is a US-based corporation founded in Japan in 1908 by George Eastman, and it was one of the first major American electronics companies to specialize in consumer products.

This post is all about the Canon EOS 7D Mark II. It is a new 5th generation camera, which means a number of new features and an updated software. The 7D Mark II is capable of 4K video recording and will shoot up to 60 fps with 3.2″ viewfinder.

Canon is one of the best known names in photography. The company is famous for its professional cameras, including the EOS line of DSLRs (Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras). There are some other cameras, though, that are worth checking out.

Sony a77 II SLT | Best Camera Under 1500

Effective Megapixels:24.3
Sensor size:366.6mm2 (23.50mm x 15.60mm)
Approximate Pixel Pitch:3.92 microns
Focal Length Multiplier:1.5x
Aspect Ratio:3:2
Sony a77 II SLT
Sony a77 II SLT

Sometimes, you need to separate yourself from the crowd and will want to take a moment to stand out amongst all of the scores of reviewers who are reviewing cameras in that same price range. In this article, I’m going to show you how you can do that with your Sony a7R II SLT camera.

Sony’s A77 II is one of the better DSLR cameras, and in particular at a price many have been willing to pay for. This is especially true for users looking for a good starter DSLR for amateurs, who might not want to spend large amounts of money on a DSLR, but are also not as experienced, or advanced, as someone who already has a DSLR.

Sony is one of those brands that just keeps on going. They have had their fair share of failures, but they have also had some pretty amazing hits as well. Their last few cameras have been incredible, but Sony is still capable of producing amazing cameras under a lot of different prices.

There are cameras that can go for upwards of a thousand dollars, and there are cameras that can be had for as little as fifty dollars. Sony offers a wide variety of cameras, but they all have one thing in common: they’re all incredible.

Nikon D610 FX | Best Camera Under 1500

Effective pixels:24.3 million
Image sensor:35.9 x 24.0 mm CMOS sensor (Nikon FX format)
Total pixels:24.7 million
Image size :(pixels)FX format (36×24): 6,016 x 4,016 (L), 4,512 x 3,008 (M), 3,008 x 2,008 (S)
Speed:1/4,000 to 30 s in steps of 1/3 or 1/2 EV, bulb, time (requires optional ML-L3 Remote Control), X200
nikon d610
nikon d610

You might be thinking, ‘How can I get the most out of my camera?’ and ‘what if I want to shoot video?’ Then there is a lot of Nikon D610 that might be right up your alley. The D600 is for those wanting more, the D610 is for those who want the best.

There are tons of features and options that you can use with the D610 that are beyond what you’ll find on any other camera in its class.

Nikon D810 and D810E were two of the best DSLRs for professional photographers for a long time. However, Nikon D610 was launched a few months back, and it presents a significant advancement from its predecessors.

It packs in a whole lot of professional features, which makes it suitable for many photography enthusiast even if they are relatively new to photography.


We hope that the information in this article is helpful to you when deciding on the best camera under 1500 for your needs. If you have any other questions about cameras or about any other digital camera, please let us know. We are always happy to help.

So, if you are looking to invest in a new best camera and want to know what your options are, feel free to add any of these to your list! There are so many great cameras on the market today and it can be hard to choose the perfect camera under 1500 for your needs.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the famous camera under 1500. There are many cameras, lenses, and other accessories out there that can help you improve your picture quality and take your photography to the next level.

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